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In-Depth Reporting for Your ABA Practice

Flexible Reporting

  • NPAWorks offers you the flexibility you need to report on every metric that matters for your practice.
  • Run reports on every aspect of your practice: administrative services, staff, clients, billing, payroll and more!
  • Our robust offering of financial reports include contract fulfillment and profitability reports to ensure you can be confident in the trajectory of your practice.
  • Favorite the reports you use often to have even quicker and easier access to them.
  • All reports are can be filtered and customized to fit your parameters. You can even save report parameters for future use.
  • Reports can easily be filtered and sorted so you can find the information you are looking for quickly.
  • Reporting in NPAWorks provides the tools you need to ensure your practice is on the right track.
  • Export any report to Excel for further analysis and export financial reports directly to Quickbooks.

Document Management with Custom Templates

Track and document credentials, certifications, and experience level for all staff members right in NPAWorks.

Scheduling for ABA Therapy Providers

Easily view daily and weekly calendars of both your clients’ and providers’ appointments at a glance.

Payroll, Billing, and Sales Integrations

Simplify payroll by exporting reports from CodeMetro to Quickbooks, ADP, and 8 more accounting or payroll packages.

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