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Customizable, Automated Reminders

No appointment forgotten


  • Create automatic email messages that can be customized and delivered for a variety of occasions.
  • Eliminate the need to manually remind clients and providers about upcoming appointments and changes or cancellations with automatic emails or SMS messages.
  • Streamline staff management by automating messages to remind staff when their credentials or clients’ contracts are expiring or to congratulate them on their employment anniversary.
  • Ensure staff members complete the required documentation by creating automatic alerts.
  • Customize who gets which reminders when with granular control options.
automatic appointment aba therapy reminders

Data Collection Integration with Catalyst

Increase provider productivity by integrating NPAWorks with Catalyst, the #1 data collection tool.

Parent Portal for ABA Therapists

Inviting parents to the Parent Portal is quick and easy. Parents can view their schedules and sign for services from their own device.

Scheduling for ABA Therapy Providers

View multiple providers and client appointments at one time with the Scheduling Matrix.

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