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Smart Scheduling for ABA Therapy Providers

Scheduling Genie

  • Take the stress out of scheduling with our Scheduling Genie–easily match clients with providers who will meet their unique needs with only a few clicks.
  • Unlimited and fully-customizable attributes and preferences can be applied to client and staff profiles.
  • Easily enter and update client and provider availability to ensure the right therapists is scheduled for every appointment.
  • Drastically reduce the time it takes to create schedules for your team with our advanced and easy-to-use scheduling features including recurring and non-payroll appointments, multi staff availability views, and bypassing service days or overlapping appointments not allowed by the funding source
  • Use custom filters to access specific appointment information on the Scheduling  Genie.
  • Ensure only the correctly credentialed providers are scheduled to meet with clients.
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Scheduling Matrix

  • View multiple provider and client appointments at one time with the Scheduling Matrix.
  • See only the information you want to see with custom filters.
  • Easily filter schedules for multiple providers and clients for any date or date range with appointments-at-a-glance.
  • Get an overview of appointment statuses including cancelled, service not rendered, service rendered, overlapping appointment, group appointment, and more. 
  • Add or update existing appointments directly from the Scheduling Matrix.
  • Access the Scheduling Matrix in the field using NPAGo.


  • Key features allow you to keep a steady pulse on contract fulfillment and payroll right from your scheduling screens.
  • Access the Payroll Snapshot from the Scheduling Matrix to see how each appointment affects payroll, overtime, and staff hours.
  • The Contract Fulfillment Snapshot can be accessed per appointment on the staff or client calendar for a quick glance of how many hours have been completed or how many are needed to complete a client’s contract.
Integrated Human Resources and Payroll


  • Create teams consisting of staff and clients working together across multiple offices.
  • Define and assign identifiers, or Smart Tags, to teams and view only available staff members within the team in the Scheduling Genie.
  • Specify caseloads for each staff within a team.
  • Coming Soon! Track team performance and efficiency using NPAWorks’ flex reporting.

Take Your ABA Practice On the Go

Access data during client visits even when offline by downloading client files to your NPAGo account.

Parent Portal for ABA Therapists

Parents can electronically sign off on their children’s appointment session times, regardless of where they are.

Payroll & Accounting Integrations

Simplify payroll by exporting reports from CodeMetro to Quickbooks, ADP, and 8 more accounting or payroll packages.

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