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ABA Therapy Billing Software

Billing in NPAWorks

Built-in end-to-end Billing in NPAWorks supports your practice’s revenue cycle management. Simplify your billing process and save time by generating reliable electronic claims, easily posting payments and adjustments, tracking claim statuses, and so much more!

  • Automatically generate billing for completed appointments. Appointment information is automatically pulled into claims and validated to ensure all applicable fields are appropriately filled out for claim submission.
  • Our extensive and unmatched validation system will decrease rejected claims and revenue losses.
  • Submit insurance claims electronically and view claim and payment statuses all within NPAWorks.
  • Auto-post enrolled payer ERAs processed through select cleainghouses.
  • View amounts paid against claim charge lines in the Claim Ledger and report and track payments and unapplied amounts in the Payment Ledger Report.
  • Manage payment adjustments, write-offs, takebacks, chargebacks, balance transfers, and more.
  • Comprehensive reporting, including aging reports, allows you to keep a steady pulse on your practice’s revenue cycle management.

Insurance Billing Services for ABA, Speech, OT, & PT Practices

Our RCM/Insurance Billing Team can take the reigns of your billing processes to increase cash-flow and save costs.

Scheduling for ABA Therapy Providers

Easily view daily and weekly calendars of both your clients’ and providers’ appointments at a glance.

Document Management with Custom Templates

Create a database of forms and note templates available to all of your staff members to increase efficiency.

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