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Compliance Tracking and Validation

Stay compliant while saving time

  • Safeguards in place to prevent over-scheduling beyond client authorization hours.
  • NPAWorks ensures only the correctly credentialed staff are able to see clients.
  • Validation alerts in place to prevent providers from completing appointments funding sources will not cover.
  • Provider and guardian signatures are GPS tracked so you can have peace of mind knowing your providers are where they should be.
  • Staff members are assigned permission levels based on their position so they only have access to what they need in NPAWorks.
  • Claims automatically validated to make sure they include all necessary information before you submit—preventing costly mistakes.
  • HIPAA compliant caseload so providers only see information for clients they are working with.
  • Warnings when provider’s credential will or have expired.
  • Track RBT Supervision in accordance with BACB requirements and respond to audits easily with built-in reports.
compliance tracking aba therapy

Payroll & Accounting Integrations

Simplify payroll by exporting reports from CodeMetro to Quickbooks, ADP, and 8 more accounting or payroll packages.

Unparalleled Customer Support

We offer one-on-one training and implementation help to ensure you’re prepared to take advantage of everything our program has to offer.

Human Resources Management

Allow staff members to submit schedules for payroll daily. After submitting for payroll, staff schedules become read-only.

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