Data Collection, Payroll, and Accounting Integrations

NPAWorks & Catalyst Integration

Get the best of both worlds! Save time and streamline processes by integrating the #1 data collection tool with NPAWorks.

  • Increase provider productivity by eliminating the need for duplicate entries. Providers can complete their SOAP notes and obtain signatures exclusively in Catalyst.
  • NPAWorks will automatically retrieve SOAP notes entered into Catalyst and attach to the applicable appointment.
  • Completed sessions in Catalyst will automatically render the appointment in NPAWorks for billing and payroll efficiency.
  • Provider and Guardian signatures captured in Catalyst display in NPAWorks.

Payroll Integration

Simplify payroll by exporting reports from NPAWorks to accounting or payroll platforms. 

  • NPAWorks can integrate with Quickbooks, ADP, Sage, and more accounting and payroll packages.
  • Our first-class Support Team can assist your accounting and payroll department in customizing your integration.

Parent Portal for ABA Therapists

Allow parents to view their children’s upcoming and past appointments to reduce missed sessions.

ABA Therapy Billing Software

Simplify your insurance claims—generate reliable claims that don’t require you to manually enter information.

Scheduling for ABA Therapy Providers

View multiple providers and client appointments at one time with the Scheduling Matrix.

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